Monday, September 6, 2010

Mother Earth Harvest Fair

I have posted before about how awesome it is to live somewhere with fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, livestock and honest to goodness working farms. I think most of us take for granted that we have half a dozen farmers markets within a 30 minute drive, and the ability to get almost any kind of organic food you can think of and even pick it off of the stalk, stem, or vine ourselves.

One such farm that practices sustainable farming is Spoutwood farm in Glen Rock. My neighbor and I have taken our kids for the past two years to the annual Fairy Festival, held at Spoutwood in August, and this year we are going to take them to the Mother Earth Harvest Fair. The fair is another way to celebrate healthy living here in the Susquehanna Valley, with food samples, cooking ideas, live music, animals, face painting and hay rides.

The fair will be held Saturday October 3rd from 10am-6pm, you can find more information on their website: . Take the opportunity to support your local farmers by stopping by the MEHF and sampling their produce and by visiting your local farm market, buying local keeps local farmers working and local residents happy!

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