Thursday, April 15, 2010

Most Livable Cities

This was just an interesting article I came across while doing some research. Last April (2009)Forbes magazine ranked the top 15 most livable cities in the US. The study compared income growth, crime data, leisure activities, cost of living and unemployment statistics against all cities in the USA with a population of over 500,000. Would it surprise you to know that both Baltimore and Harrisburg make the top 15? Yes, that's right, York is smack dab in the middle of two GREAT American cities! I keep telling you, York is a FANTASTIC place to live, there are a exciting things happening all of the time both in and around our town!

Here are the Top 15 from Forbes article "America's Most Livable Cities"

  1. Portland, Maine
  2. Bethesda, Maryland
  3. Des Moines, Iowa
  4. Stamford, Connecticut
  5. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  7. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  8. Baltimore, Maryland
  9. Worcester, Massachusetts
  10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  11. Denver, Colorado
  12. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  13. Madison, Wisconsin
  14. Peabody, Massachusetts
  15. Little Rock, Arkansas

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