Saturday, April 24, 2010

DreamWrights~The Wizard of Oz

If you have never heard of DreamWrights Youth and Family Theatre here in York, you may want to spend some time on their website exploring their numerous programs. ( )For the purpose of this post I am going to be writing about their current play "The Wizard of Oz", but I will blog about DreamWrights later!

DreamWrights theatre is currently putting on "The Wizard of Oz", there are still ticket left for the regular shows but what I wanted to pass along was information on their Playlet & Breakfast
May 1st at 9:00am. The Playlet is designed to introduce the 3-6 year-olds to live theatre. While at DreamWrights your children will be able to have some breakfast, do a craft, watch some of the play and have the opportunity to walk on stage and meet the characters from the show! Tickets are $10 and it sounds like a fantastic deal to me.

DreamWrights has the schedules for the other Playlet's they run, but this is the last one until October, so take advantage if this sounds like something your child might enjoy! Click here for more information and to register online: . Also, keep in mind that DreamWrights is a great organization and kids come from all over the area for a chance to be in their plays, in fact over 235 people auditioned for "The Wizard of Oz", so be prepared to be impressed!

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