Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog, Mom's Around York!

My name is Suzi, above is my 3-year old daughter Katie and my husband Nat. We live in York, Pa. and have for about 5 years, although both my husband and I are natives. My intentions with this blog is to point out all of the great things to do with your family in and around York, many of the ideas and the places I visit will be for the toddler set, but I will try to add things here and there for the over 10 crowd. (I aim to please!)

The first thing that I am going to mention, now that it is finally Spring (Hallelujah) is please don't overlook the great parks in York! We are very fortunate to have wonderful township parks, with new and expansive playground equipment and great County parks, lakes and hiking paths. We also have Nixon Park, down in the Jacobus area, that features a FREE museum with hands on activities for the kids, and great hiking trails with a creek. (Yes I'm the mom that lets my kid get soaked in the creek!)

You can find out more information on Nixon Park and the county parks system by stopping by here:

My daughter and I will be checking out places in and around York, about 1 trip per week and then posting pictures and our opinions on the fun factor and cost of the trip. (I know we try to take advantage of FREE when we can!)

I hope to see you all back soon!

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