Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Need a new version of Toy Story or Toy Story 2??

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your current copies of Toy Story or Toy Story 2, if you have a Blu-ray player. My husband is a Blu-ray nut but always seems to find cheap or free ways to upgrade and this is a great find that should pay off for a while. As Disney re-releases all of it's old titles on to Blu-ray they will give you a coupon, usually $8 or $10 off, towards the newer version! When you apply that coupon with the one that the store, Target/Walmart/Kmart, usually adds it brings the price way, way down.

Here is the current situation:

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are currently on sale at Target for $22.99 each but you get an automatic $10 off from the store if you buy them both. (I'm pretty sure Kmart and Walmart are running the same offer) If you have the old versions of the movie, like I do, log onto : , scroll down to the bottom of the page where Hamm from Toy Story (the pig) has a sign that says Upgrade your DVD or VHS and sign in. You will be able to print out $10 off coupons for EACH movie, so take another $20 off your total. If you are doing the math that bring the total to $15.98 for BOTH movies and that includes the digital copy and the Blu-ray copy. Now the next part is crucial to make this an awesome deal, make sure you buy copies with a sticker on the front that reads "Free Movie Ticket" somewhere on the box. When you buy the movies, come home and go back to the above website, enter in your code and follow the directions to get your free movie ticket to Toy Story 3 (out this summer)!

If you worked the system right, you will end up with FREE MOVIES on Blu-ray! I printed out my 2 free movie tickets about an hour ago, and I know that we would go see the movie regardless if the tickets were free or not, so for us it's a win/win situation. That being said if you don't have a Blu-ray player yet but think you might be getting one you still might want to get in on this deal.

Be on the lookout for deals like this to keep coming from Disney, we have taken advantage of it with a few re-released movies already and with Blu-ray catching on they will be sure to keep them coming!

Also for you non-Blu-ray families that still want to save some $$$ on new release movies check out: for coupons for the digital version. (We just got the Princess and the Frog and used a coupon from here).

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