Wednesday, February 1, 2012

William Goodridge

Can you identify this important figure in York County history?

This man, William Goodridge, played a monumental role in creating one of York County's finest moments, being a part of the Underground Railroad. Mr. Goodridge was born a slave in Maryland and was brought to York by his master to learn the art of tanning. He was promised freedom by age 21 but was unexpectedly freed at the age of 16. He then traveled to Marietta in Lancaster County to train as a barber, returning to York in the early 1820's to open his own barber shop in what is now known as Continental Square. Said to be a wise businessman, Mr. Goodridge was able to bridge the color barrier and become an influential member of York's business class, eventually owning over 20 commercial and residential properties in town.

What he did next made him one of the most prominent figures of his time, interested?

To learn more about William Goodridge visit: and consider a visit to The William Goodridge Freedom House and Underground Railroad Museum located on 123 E. Philadelphia St. in York.

UPDATE: So it seems as though the House and Museum are undergoing a face-lift and are not ready for the public, just yet. To learn more Visit the York County Heritage Trust Museum and visit for further updates.

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