Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Parties!

At some point I did a post on the question, "Where can I have a birthday party for my child in York?". It's a common question, even among my fellow life long Yorkers, and we all seem to get stuck in the same old rut of bowling and skating, over and over, and seem to think there isn't anything else around. (Not that they aren't both great ideas, personally I'm a big fan of skating parties, but I think we all understand the need to lengthen the list.) Well I'm happy to report that I have found a lot of great places to have a birthday party, along with bowling and skating, and I'm sure you will find something on this list that you may not have considered before!

1. Bowling (of course)- There are a few bowling alley's in York, so pick the one closest to you and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Suburban Bowlerama, Colony Park Lanes North, Colony Park Lanes East, East Lincoln Lanes, Lincolnway Bowling, Lion Bowling Center (Red Lion), and Springfield Bowling Center in Seven Valleys are the ones that came to mind, I'm sure there are more!

2. Ice Skating- York City Ice Arena, a great birthday party idea for your little hockey player!

3. Roller Skating- We just returned from a Roll R Way party held during the Preschool Romp and Roll and it was a blast!

4. Sundae Party- Sweet Willows Creamery, make your own sundae's, yum!

5. Make Your Own Soap- Super cute idea, at Sunrise Soap Company, where the kids make their own soap from all-natural scents and ingredients.

6. Bounce Party- Our family favorite for the past two years, Atomic Bounce Rocks, in Red Lion. Let your kids bounce themselves silly!

7. Pottery Party- The Prancing Pig in Red Lion is a great place for your budding artist and his/her friends!

8. Tumble at Your House- Consider calling the Tumble Bus if you would like to add a little fun to an at home birthday party!

9. Tumble/Gymnastics- For kids under the age of six, I would recommend Tiny Tumblers, my five year old LOVES their parties: Over the age of six, I would say try Gymnastics of York,

10. Farm/Outside Parties- This year we have attended birthday parties at both Flinchbaugh's Orchard and Brown's Orchard and both were excellent! For spring, summer and fall birthday's you really can't beat spending the day outside enjoying the fresh air. Flinchbaugh's: and Brown's Orchard:

11. Winter Outside Party- If you have a winter birthday, and kids over the age of six, I would highly recommend a snow tubing party at Avalanche Xpress at Heritage Hills. Fun, fun, fun!

12. Fun and Games- If you have kids over the age of five, skip Chuck E Cheese and head to Bogey Macaws for the indoor arcade games and Ballocity, a two story ball shooting experience!

13. Crafty- Both Michael's and AC Moore offer a craft themed birthday party where your little ones can make or build something. A GREAT idea!

14. Baseball- How lucky are we to have a fantastic, and winning, local baseball team with excellent facilities. If you have a baseball fan, young or old, consider a party at the York Revolution Baseball Stadium.

15. Movies- Both York movie theaters have party rooms, so the kids can catch a new release and then have some cake! Frank Theater: and West Manchester Regal Theater:

This is my unofficial list, please feel free to add more as I have surely left a few off of the list! Enjoy!

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  1. There is another farm party place in north York county (New Cumberland PA)
    I am the owner and have been in business since fall 2010. We do pony parties, little farmer parties, fishing parties, hayrides...