Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lake Tobias

If you have never been to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park then now is the perfect time to make plans to take a little trip. My mother took my me, my 3 year old daughter, my sister and my 20 month old nephew yesterday and we had an AWESOME time, another one of those "Why haven't I done this before" moments.

Lake Tobias is located in Halifax, about an hour and ten minute drive from York, North of Harrisburg. We arrived at 10am right when they opened the gates for parking. When you pull in, before parking, you will be charged admission which is $4 for everyone ages 3 and up which includes all zoo exibits and petting zoo areas. Bring cash, they might take credit cards, but there was one lady taking money and the process is slow enough already. Once we parked we headed straight down to get passes for the safari, the safari is $5 for everyone 3 and up, and it was totally worth it.

The safari is about 40-45 minutes long and you get up close and personal with over 300 animals including a variety of deer, emu, elk, buffalo, water buffalo, longhorns, and zebra. They even had two zedonks, that would be a mix of donkey and zebra, which were not only unique but hilarious to say! You can buy crackers to feed the animals along the way and the kids really get into it, my girly-girl daughter squealed with delight as a deer nibbled out of her hand.

After the safari we walked around the zoo area and saw monkeys, bears, lions, baboons, prairie dogs and lemurs. There were staff members walking around answering questions and one staff member was holding a baby hedgehog that the kids were allowed to pet. There was also a petting zoo where a goat tried to eat my pants (wear jeans), and a reptile house that was an additional dollar, but we decided it most likely wouldn't fly with our kids so we skipped it.

There was also a concession stand next to the safari bus station, soda and water vending machines around the zoo area and a large covered picnic area available, so you can pack your own lunch and save a little money. Next to the picnic area is a large playground, so the kids can take a little break after lunch and play before heading back to see the animals or taking a nice nap on the way back to York!

In total, for $9 a person, it was a GREAT find! Enjoy, we sure did!

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