Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sky Jam~PA

I have been passing this billboard, with the above picture, on Richland Ave. for at least two weeks now, so finally today I thought I would sit down and see what this is! Thank goodness I did, SkyJam is the formerly named York County Balloon Festival, which I have never attended but always could see from my house. This year though, I think we have to make the trip, it looks AWESOME!

As you can see in the banner it's being held this year at the Fairgrounds, I still have a hard time calling it the Expo Center, from June 11th-13th. They have a schedule of events on their website: but it's much more than just watching balloons. For instance you can go for a tethered ride on a balloon, go on a helicopter ride, they will have amusement rides for the kids, live music and food. The coolest thing will most likely be the actual balloon launches, early morning and late afternoon, so if you do decide to make the trip I would try and plan to see them. I'm absolutely going next weekend, I think a 3 year-old would love the different colors and designs on the balloons and from the pictures from previous years there seem to be a lot of bounce houses for the kids. I can't wait....glad I checked this one out!

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