Monday, May 3, 2010

Olde York Street Fair

This coming Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day which means one thing to all of us Yorkers, it's Street Fair time!! The 35th Olde York Street Fair will be held downtown on the Continental Square from noon-6pm. This event is FREE and open to all ages; there will be music, crafts, fresh food, shopping and more. In fact this year there will be a designated children's area, or Children's Fun Block, on the 1st block of South George Street which will feature a toddler and baby area. It sounds like every year they are shying more away from the "all vendors" atmosphere of the past towards a family fun day filled with activities and games so the whole family can really have fun!

Two things to remember about the Street Fair; first, bring sunblock and wear a hat, I can speak from previous sunburns, you will be pink and in pain if you don't! Also bring a stroller, if your kids are hot they will want to relax and if they want to walk you can store all of your purchases, it's a win-win. Also remember this event is PACKED so plan ahead, bring water and HAVE FUN!!

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